Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day, let’s ditch the guilt. There’s so much pressure on working parents during COVID to be everything at home and everything at work, that we don’t need more stress right now.

Here’s my Valentine’s Day love poem to all working parents:


A Guilt-Free Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day,

blame COVID,



It’s not because of you

that the little shoeboxes

of tear-apart valentines

taped with yellow lollipops

didn’t come home in a backpack

this year.


It’s not a shortcoming

of yours

that you can’t get a babysitter

and go out for a

too-expensive dinner date.




You did nothing wrong

if cards didn’t get sent

or flowers didn’t get bought

or dishes didn’t get washed

or life got away from you

or you wound up too tired

and simply crashed

at the end of the day.


The COVID wall is real

for us.

The Primal Scream is real

for us.

If that one last little

Valentines Day-related task

is about to push you

over the edge,

don’t do it.


Your family needs you

on this side

of the cliff.

“Oh well,” you can tell yourself.


Blame COVID, please.

Then drop the guilt

into a gutter

and in its place,

scoop up in your hands

the love –

for yourself,

your family,

your friends,

the ones who really matter –

and sit with it for a hot, glowing minute.

That’s what this Valentines Day is meant to be about



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