Imagine feeling calm during your
maternity leave. Prepared.

And supported by other mamas going through the same experiences
you are, from all over the world.

Imagine feeling confident about your decisions both as a
mama and a professional.

And having a whole set of tools to use when those inevitable feelings
of overwhelm, guilt, uncertainty, and fatigue set in.

Mindful Return makes this vision a reality.

Read the Washington Post’s article on Mindful Return here.

Mindful Return’s mission is to create a supportive community of mamas returning to work after maternity leave who want to feel present – both with their babies and in their careers. This community will help you take some of the uncertainty and confusion out of this important and challenging time of transition, so you can focus on your baby and feel empowered to make calm and thoughtful choices.

Mindful Return is a blog and 4-week e-course that gives new mamas the tools they need to plan a peaceful, thoughtful, and successful return to work after maternity leave. (To read more about why I created Mindful Return, see my first blog post here.)

Returning from maternity leave shouldn’t be something you have to “get through” but something you get to create. You’ll return to work a different person you than when you left, with new skills that are – yes indeed – useful at the office. You’ll have different priorities. Different goals. And likely you’ll be sleep deprived those first few months and just trying to figure things out. But it’s a new, exciting phase of life worth being thoughtful, intentional, and not terrified about.

Let’s explore here, together, how to create a mindful return.


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