Mindful Return is a global movement that helps new moms and dads navigate the uncertain terrain of working parenthood.

Are you ready to trade your working parent guilt for meaningful connection and support?

Imagine feeling confident about your decisions both as a
 parent and a professional.

And having a whole set of tools to use when the inevitable
overwhelm, guilt, uncertainty, and fatigue sets in.

Mindful Return makes this vision a reality.

As featured in the Washington Post: “Transitioning back to work after a new baby? Now there’s a class just for that.”

That first year of working parenthood is, quite possibly, the hardest year ever.  You care deeply about the work you do out there in the world and about supporting your (now larger!) family.  AND you love love love that little baby who is either on the way or just recently arrived.  You want to be able to focus on your baby.  And on your work.

But you’re sleep deprived.  Confused.  Tired.  Exhausted.  And not sure whether any of the decisions you’re making are the right ones.  Maybe you’ve cried on the kitchen floor (I did), trying to figure out how to make this all work.  And your body physically aches when you think about handing baby over to another caregiver.  (Quite possibly, you’re dreaming about sitting alone in a quiet office, too!  But you’re scared to share that dream with others…)

You don’t need to figure out this working parent thing by yourself.  The Mindful Return Community has your back.

Who are the members of the Mindful Return Community?  We are working parents who are passionate.  A bit terrified, at times.  Committed to growth.  Loyal to our fellow working parents.  And compassionate.

What is Mindful Return committed to?  

  • Helping new parents feel calm, supported, confident, and connected.
  • Challenging the workplace status quo.
  • Helping employers retain their new parent talent.
  • Diversity and respect for differences.
  • Inclusion of all voices, with a warm welcome to BIPOC, LGBTQ, single, adoptive, and single-mom-by-choice parents.
  • Lifelong connections to other working parents.

How does Mindful Return live this mission?

Becoming a working parent shouldn’t be something you have to “get through” but something you get to create. You’ll return to work a different person you than when you left, with new skills that are – yes indeed – useful at the office. You’ll have different priorities. Different goals. And likely you’ll be sleep deprived those first few months and just trying to figure things out. But it’s a new, exciting phase of life worth being thoughtful, intentional, and not terrified about.

Let’s explore here, together, how to create a mindful return.


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