Praise for the Mindful Return E-Course – Words of New Working Mamas

As featured in the Washington Post: “Transitioning back to work after a new baby? Now there’s a class just for that.

Read praise for the Mindful Return E-Course here, from recent course alums.  Their testimonials are organized by the timing of when they took the course, as follows:

  1. While on maternity leave;
  2. Shortly after returning to work;
  3. While pregnant;
  4. After having a second (or third, or fourth!) child.

Praise for the Mindful Return E-Course from women who took the course while on maternity leave:

“I can’t say enough good things about this class! I was so worried about how to transition back to work from maternity leave but this course gave me the tools I needed to feel confident. I was able to share my concerns and fears about going back to work and get advice and practical tips not only from Lori and the course coaches, but other moms in the group.”
Katie O.

New Mommy + Litigation Attorney

“My sister-in-law emailed me information on this course early on in my maternity leave, and I’m so thankful that she did! Each day provided a nice opportunity to reflect on motherhood and my career, and to think about how I want to continue developing my career now that I’m a parent to three kids. I especially appreciated the lessons and discussions around managing logistics, as that has been increasingly challenging over the years. Now that my maternity leave is nearly 2/3 over, I’m a lot more confident about the impending return, and even looking forward to it!”
Sarah M.

nonprofit policy professional and mom of three

“This course is a must-have for any organization looking to amplify the experiences of mothers in their workplace. No mom should have to feel plagued with feeling overwhelmed at the thought of returning to work after leave; resources, like this course, are what reduce their stress and improve their outlook. This course allowed me to plan ahead and feel excited to return to work!”
Traci Chernoff

Podcaster, HR Pro, and mom of twin girls

Ask your employer to sign you up for Mindful Return – it’s such a great opportunity to reflect and prepare for returning to work!”

Mom and Community College Program Director

“The other parents I’ve met through Mindful Return are amazing, and it’s been so reassuring to see how we all struggle with similar issues and are able to overcome them. Sharing these experiences has been invaluable for me! “

Eugenia, working mom of 3 littles

“In short, the Minfdul Return course saved my sanity. Becoming a new mom is equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming. Returning to work after being with my baby for an entire year filled me with dread, until I took the course. It forced me to think through the details of what I want my new life as a working mom to be, and gave me the confidence in myself as a leader in my company, as a present, devoted mom to my son. Most importantly it connected me to other moms, who struggle and strive, and made me realize that I’m absolutely not alone on this crazy, wonderful ride. ”  
Cristina Pisciuneri

New Mom to 10 Month Old Baby Boy, and Senior Tech Marketer

“Mindful Return was a much needed community during a challenging time within the World. I became a mother during the COVID-19 pandemic and as I experienced things differently than anyone I knew throughout my pregnancy and after, I was looking for a way to connect to others experiencing the same thing. Learning how to return to work and mentally prepare myself to balance motherhood, my work life, my self-care etc. was important to me and Mindful Return helped me to learn that I have changed as a person and how to embrace those changes. The community and tools that Mindful Return has to offer helped me to feel supported, understood and more focused.”  
Rachel Wierda

New mama to a 6 month old, and commercial office Interior Designer

I registered for Mindful Return to gain guidance on balancing family and career, coping with conflicting priorities, and leveraging new skills learned while on leave. The course provided so much more in the additional resources and welcoming you into their online community. The shared experiences created connection and responses to posts were encouraging and insightful. 

New mom to 14 month old, Engineer

I’m so delighted I was able to participate in the Mindful Return e-course, and I’m grateful my firm made the course available to all returning parents. In this time of social isolation, I was able to find a community of moms struggling with and celebrating the same things, reminding me that I’m not alone in this journey and that we really are in it — motherhood, careers, life — together.

Mom to 3-year old and 5-month old boys, Attorney

“The Mindful Return course helped me transition my thoughts from back-to-work dread into energized focus. I feel equipped with the knowledge to have important conversations about being a working parent in my field and I’m happy to have so many resources in my toolbox to share with other parents. This course really illuminated how important it is to shape every day with intention and purpose, and to congratulate yourself for all of the big and small parenting victories along the way.”

Arts Administrator and Mom of 1

“Mindful Return has really helped ease my anxieties about returning to work following the birth of my first son. The community and support I received from the course has helped to set me up for success!”

Health Strategist and First Time Mom

I highly recommend Mindful Return! I took this course while on maternity leave with my second baby to proactively think through my transition back to work, and I wish I had done it with my first baby. The course offered not only helpful practical tips for navigating working while raising a young family, but also helped me reframe my mindset. Particularly during COVID, it felt so nice to have this community during an otherwise isolating time.

Mom to a 4.5 month old and 2.5 year old and law firm partner

“The thought of this course might make you cringe. It might make you think – “why would I want to spend time doing a work-thing during my precious leave?”. You might think that it will be nice for some people but it is not for you. THINK AGAIN. This course is brilliant. There is only upside. Connect with other mamas, say and share the things that linger in your mind at 4am while nursing. Better still – resolve to resolve them. This course gives you strength, perspective and support. I cannot recommend it enough.

Mindful Mama & NYC Lawyer

“It was so great to be able to take the Mindful Return course while on maternity leave and obtain some valuable tips and tricks as it relates to managing the anxiety that can surface when 1) thinking about the logistics related to returning to work and 2) being a full time mom and employee going forward. The structure of the course was very user friendly (daily lessons combined with a couple of questions, which you can read/respond to at any time), and the community of moms that you are able to engage with and get feedback from provided such positive reinforcement that many of the questions/concerns I have had are totally normal and I am not alone in thinking about them. Additionally, the course provides a fantastic forum to get other questions related to motherhood answered, like where I could get good labels for my son’s bottles for daycare and some easy recipes for dinner during the work week! Overall, I will definitely reference back to the discussions I had on Mindful Return and also have dog-eared pages in Lori’s book, Back to Work After Baby, as well that I am sure I will re-read.”
Christina Cary

Principal at a leadership consulting firm and new mom to 10 week old Benjamin

“My Firm offered the Mindful Return seminar while I was on maternity leave. I loved the concept and knew I needed to prepare for my return so I signed up for the e course. I read Lori’s book Back To Work After Baby ahead of doing the program (not mandatory), and it was nice to take the course and go through the topics again with the other students. I loved the super simple format whereby you read a daily lesson/topic, post your answer to a question or two, and leave a comment on the responses of at least two other students. As the days pass, you feel a synergy with the group as if you are in a classroom together because everyone shares their thoughts and then bigger conversations grow. The program helped me prepare mentally for my return and opened my eyes to the positive impact my leave will have once I am back to work. I would take again if I have another baby. “

1st time mama to 4 month old

“Mindful Return helped me get into the right mindset for my upcoming return to work.  I know that it will be challenging, but I am not alone. And, now I have tips and tricks to better navigate the transition and my career as a working mom. “
Shelley Rosenberg

Mom to 5 month old Leo and healthcare litigator at Crowell & Moring LLP

“I admit that when I first signed up for this course, I was hesitant about adding yet another item on my seemingly never-ending to-do list during maternity leave. I rarely had time to drink a cup of coffee before it became cold, so how would I be able to participate fully in a “course”? Each morning, however, I found myself excited to read the insightful lessons and discuss topics with so many intelligent and caring mamas. Many of the lessons and discussions helped me recognize and address anxieties that I had but did not even know how to put into words. I returned to work recharged, energized, and far more confident in my ability to succeed as both a mom and an attorney thanks to this course.
Michelle A.

new mama to a four month old, and litigator at an Am Law 100 firm

“The mindful aspect in the title of the course is what initially piqued my interest and the course certainly delivered a great deal of mindful reflection! What worked so well was the ability to take a moment and think through each week’s lesson without worrying about what I had to do next. It was freeing and the self-reflection it nurtured was something I looked forward to each day; it was the first thing I did to get mentally prepared for the day, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. The sense of community and ongoing validation was a wonderful aspect which I will continue to carry with me in the alum group.”

mother of a toddler and baby in Kansas City, MO

“I took this course after taking a Mindful Return webinar that Lori hosted for Georgetown alumni. I can’t speak highly enough about how impactful this course was for me – I can’t stop telling people about it! I found the short daily sessions (that really you can do in your own time – daily, every few days, even after the course ends) to be the perfect balance of informative and introspective. And the network of women – led by Lori – were inspiring and their positivity was infectious. I finished the course feeling more confident, calm and – surprisingly – excited about going back to work. I highly recommend!”

attorney and mom to Bronwyn

I first met Lori Mihalich-Levin, the incredible founder of Mindful Return, nearly 20 years ago. I was immediately struck by her intelligence, warmth and kindness then, so it was no surprise to learn that she had developed an innovative, online course directed at supporting mother re-emerging into the work force. I felt an instantaneous connection with the other women participating in the 4-week course and could hardly wait to review the daily lessons, which covered a variety of topics including stress reduction, child care, and creative ways to find leadership opportunities. The time required to participate and flexible format are conducive for new moms. I highly recommend this course to any mother, whether you are currently pregnant or recently delivered, as it offers a caring, enlightened, supportive framework to launch back into your career once your bundle of joy has arrived.
Anne C. Coates

proud mother of two, wife of Timothy Connolly, and pediatric pulmonologist

I participated in Mindful Return because my law firm offered it during maternity leave with our third child, and I thought the concept was intriguing. I wasn’t sure how much of the material would be useful and relevant to me as a third time mom, but I was willing to give it a try to see if other moms at our firm would find it valuable. Lo and behold, I was completely and happily immersed in the material throughout the entire course! Lori has developed really insightful and helpful “lessons” on many topics and she presents it all in very organized bite-sized pieces. This course is truly about mindfulness and empowering women to use maternity leave and motherhood to enhance their careers. The course is very positive and engaging, and Lori’s energy is contagious – from someone who has never even heard her voice! I have been talking up this course to anyone who will listen and the materials have spawned countless conversations with friends and colleagues. Lori has done something truly special here, and I am thrilled to be part of it.

attorney mom of three

Mindful Return provided me with the perspective I needed to address my concerns around going back to work after the birth of my daughter. Lori’s course is structured perfectly for new moms on maternity leave or recently back to work – lessons are concise, virtual discussion is encouraged, and the format is well-organized for future reference. This course left me feeling grateful for all the resources available to me and prepared to handle the logistical and mental challenges of returning to work after leave.
Liz L.

senior manager at a consulting firm and mom to Anna

This course could not have come at a better time … I finished it up one week before my return to work. I feel SO much more prepared for my return, from an emotional and logistical perspective. The course was a great venue to “meet” a group of women going through the same transition. They provided validation and support during this challenging time.
Megan F.

new mom to a sweet baby boy and a clinical psychologist

Anyone returning to work with a baby would really benefit from this course! Lori (and those who contribute, including other participants) makes you feel sane and positive about returning to work and leaving your child. I feel empowered and confident as a working mum – both as a worker and as a mum. In addition, I am now part of a community of other awesome mums!
Mum to 10 month old and hand-standing attorney

My situation before embarking on the course was perhaps different from the typical working mama: I had a 6 month old, was finishing up a PhD and about to go on the job market. I worried that most of the content discussed would be 9-5 office specific. But it was so, so much more. I learned about gratitude, carving out time for myself, handling logistics of motherhood (from any angle), and growing in community with thoughtful women throughout the country. It was so empowering! Plus, Lori really cares about each individual and takes time to thoughtfully guide and support. I am so pleased with this course and cannot recommend it highly enough.

PhD candidate and mother of 6 month old

I took the course about halfway through my four months of maternity leave to help me prepare for my return to work and feel more connected to a community of new moms. I’m really glad I did, both for the tips I learned about childcare and logistics (like pumping) and the encouragement it gave me to focus on things like self care. It also gave me a hint of structure and accomplishment in an otherwise somewhat unpredictable daily schedule, even though I was able to participate at any hour of the day. I’d recommend the course for any new mom looking for an opportunity to think “out loud” about returning to work and anticipate everything that reentry will entail.
Kathy K.

new mother of a three-month-old

I took the Mindful Return online course about a month before returning to work. It was extremely helpful in transitioning me from completely avoiding thinking about my return to finding a way to thinking about it in constructive and productive ways. I spent years fully committed to my career, and then fully focused on taking care of our new baby during my four months of maternity leave, but was very uneasy about how I could meet the challenges of doing both together. The course helped me rethink what I want my goals to be when I go back to work, and how best to achieve them. I learned some great tips and got some great advice, and would highly recommend the course to others.
Proud new mother of a 3-month-old baby boy

As the founder of a recruiting agency that specializes in parental leave fill-ins, I read a lot about professional development, working parents and maternity leave best practices. And, that’s how Lori and I were introduced to each other. Even with all this knowledge, Lori’s e-course taught me some important lessons that pivoted my perspective in a positive way during this life-changing period. The combination of bite-sized courses, guest posts from a variety of experts, the community’s feedback and Lori’s personalized guidance make the e-course valuable for a variety of reasons. I especially loved the week we focused on tactics you can utilize to become a better leader as you transition into working motherhood. The ROI on this e-course is going to pay for itself many times over. I’m recommending it to all my clients as they prep for their maternity leaves.
Michelle Feiner

Mom of 1 baby girl, bonus mom of 2 sweet boys and founder of, Emissaries

This course provided a wonderful and supportive environment to explore all the aspects of a return to work. I felt particularly overwhelmed about the logistics of my return – both day-to-day and emotional – and this course gave me the space and community to work through those feelings. But perhaps the most valuable were the lessons around work itself and turning leave into leadership. In the end, I had gotten to a mental space of calm empowerment as I prepared myself and my family for my return to work.
Alexa Norstad

Project Management Coordinator + New Mom Extraordinaire

I found the Mindful Return course extremely satisfying. Each lesson made me more and more calm as I approached my return to work date. The course was perfectly timed for me – the last day of the course was the Friday before I went back to work so I felt so much closure as my maternity leave came to an end. Each lesson made me think and made me realize that I can in fact do this. To have the support and community of Lori and the others who were taking the course made me feel that much more confident and validated myself and my abilities to be a rockstar mom and employee.

Marketer and Mother of one darling 5-month old boy

I signed up because I was struggling with the doubt, fear and anxiety of returning to work and turning the care of my baby over to someone else. This course met those fears head on and put me in touch with other moms who were struggling with the same emotions. It was so nice to know that I was not alone and it was nice to start openly talking about all the emotions and logistics of going back to work instead of trying not to think about it. The daily lessons and writing prompts promoted self-reflection, positive feelings, and a supportive community of working moms. The course also addressed how to thrive at work as a working mom and how to tackle those crazy weekday mornings and evenings. My favorite take-aways of this four-week course are: the chance to really take time for yourself, the self awareness that comes from the daily lessons, the opportunity to consciously think about, and plan for, life as a working mom, and the opportunity to take control of that choice and to find the good in the chaos of parenthood.
Jen F.

working mother of two

I took this course one month before returning to work and have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it proved to be really helpful and I wish I had taken it sooner.  Before the course, I thought I had mostly figured out the logistics and would somehow try to make it work, I had every intention of not letting my emotions get in the way of my work, and I was as mentally prepared as I could be.  This course gave me that push to believe with greater conviction that I WILL be able to make it work (more gracefully and with less stress), by shifting my mindset on how I would return to work with new skills gained from motherhood.  It also provided a cathartic outlet for the emotions I had bottled up or long forgotten about from the hazy newborn days, as well as a supportive community of other mamas facing similar challenges of juggling work and home responsibilities.
Erica Y.

new mom to 6.5 month old baby girl and attorney at AmLaw 100 firm

The Mindful Return e-course helped ease a lot of my anxiety about returning to work after a year home with my daughter. Connecting with other moms and sharing some of my fears helped alleviate a lot of stress. Most importantly, though, the exercises and lessons really helped shift my perspective on my leave to see it as a source of empowerment. I feel much more mentally and emotionally prepared for my return, which is precisely what I’d hoped to gain from the course.

attorney and mom to 10-month old

The announcement for this course came at the perfect time – I was just about to head back to work after my second child, and unsure about how to set appropriate expectations for myself, my family, and my coworkers.  The time I took each day to reflect on the lesson and discussion has been paid back in the perspective I’ve gained from hearing others’ thoughts and applying their strategies to my own situation. I most appreciated hearing and thinking about ways that my motherhood makes me a STRONGER team member at work, rather than a liability. Thank you, Lori and the mindful mamas!
Theresa M.

working in academia and momma to an almost 3 year old and 3 month old

When I decided to participate in the Mindful Return e-course, I admit, I was skeptical as to its utility. I was on maternity leave and had a two-month old to care for 24-7, so my free time was a precious, limited commodity. Nevertheless, I decided to participate in the course as the prospect of returning to work as an attorney at a large law firm was causing me enough anxiety that it was beginning to affect my time with my son. I’m so glad I did. Mindful Return offered me an organized an constructive venue to process my thoughts and explore my feelings about returning to work within the context of a supportive and insightful community of working mamas. Shortly after participating in the course, I requested and was approved to work a flexible schedule upon my return to work, and, as a result, I felt calm and prepared to return to work. This was invaluable to me, as I was able to spend the remainder of my maternity leave focusing on my son and feeling positive about returning to work.

Attorney at an Am Law 100 firm, and mama to a baby boy

The Mindful Return course was super helpful as I prepared to transition back to work after my maternity leave. I was really interested in how the course would address some of the major challenges of returning to work and offer suggestions on how to manage them. The course did just that. Lori was able to offer different ways of looking at both being out of the work place in positive ways and what skills you bring with you back to the office. I loved that. It was also so helpful to have a community of other mammas dealing with the same issues and hearing their perspectives, suggestions and encouragement. I highly recommend this course.
Rachel Silk

mama to 13-week old Charlotte

I figured I was as prepared as they come for motherhood … until I actually gave birth. The wave of emotions, challenges and questions that arose in my first few months as a new mom left me seeking a community of like-minded professional women entering motherhood. Mindful Return opened up an online community of women who were used to pushing themselves hard and achieving results. I think the best thing about this course is that the unforeseen feelings and questions get discussed, because many new moms get caught off guard by the moments of isolation, questions about returning to work and feelings of exhaustion or guilt. Mindful Return helped me tackle the challenges of being a new mom and has prepared me for my return to work. This course would make a great baby shower gift.

International criminal lawyer, living in Brussels, Belgium

Ready for a calm, successful, well-planned maternity leave?

Praise for the Mindful Return E-Course from women who took the course shortly after returning to work:

I was having a really hard time the first few weeks back at work after my second baby, and this course kept me going. I felt accompanied, I felt cheered up, I just felt like a group of amazing women had my back. I was in a very desperate situation (very sleep deprived and with hormones going crazy), and the resources and tips shared by Lori and her team and the other participants were extremely useful. I will keep referring to them in the future.
Maria Oxman

Mother of two

Taking the course shortly after my return to work was extremely beneficial. I think if I had taken the course during my maternity leave, many of the points wouldn’t have had the same resonance. I loved the flexibility of the course and the ability to take the modules at my own pace. The course facilitates engagement with the other moms taking the course and makes you feel part of a wonderful new community. The substantive content of the course is fantastic. I came away with many practical tips about time management and navigating the challenges that come from returning to work after having your first child. I highly recommend the course to any woman who wants to succeed in her new role as “working mom.”


Mom of 7-month old boy and Employment Attorney

This course really helped me think through my feelings about my maternity leave and returning to work. It helped change my perspective on return from nervousness to excitement about the possibilities of how I could shape my role upon my return. It helped me reshape my attitude and appreciate both my work and my time at home better. I am already implementing the strategies and suggestions I picked up from the course – advocating for myself at work and realizing the importance of balance and self-care. I would highly recommend this course to any mamas who are struggling with the idea of returning to work and guilt over leaving their little ones.

New mom to a 3 month old, policy analyst

As a new and newly-working mom, I was flooded with advice about sleep, nutrition, and logistics. But I found surprisingly little to help me understand my complex feelings about returning to work with a baby at home. Lori’s thoughtful prompts and gentle questions gave me the space I needed to reflect on the transition I was going through, and the other moms showed me that the swirl of emotions I felt was normal. I left the course more confident and more refreshed. I highly recommend Mindful Return!

new mom to a four month old

I found this e-course to be extremely beneficial as I transitioned back to work. It was so helpful to have a virtual support community of other new moms experiencing similar anxieties and challenges. This was my first time taking an e-course and the flexibility of the format is great for new moms. I like that I could go back to read and answer previous lessons during the course. At first I was anxious about the time commitment – I barely have time to catch my breath let alone take an e-course – but the benefits of taking this course far outweigh the time commitment. I definitely recommend this course to other new moms.

learning and development consultant and new mom

I signed up for this course just in time to return to work. Even with a job that I love, I was incredibly sad and anxious as I saw maternity leave quickly coming to a close. There are so many unknowns and so many emotions! The topics in this class and more specifically – the strong women in the course – helped me so much. It gave me a chance to methodically think through the tactical things (like pumping at the office!) as well as the big picture things (like being a better employer with my new found perspective as a mama!). I feel more prepared, and I have a new, supportive community that I’m a part of. Take this class!!
Stephanie Weeks

New Mama and VP of User Experience at Blackboard

I took this course to help connect with fellow professional mothers facing the challenges of returning to work after maternity leave. The course’s curriculum was relevant, approachable, and realistic, with an amazing team of strong women contributing to the course content. I took away valuable lessons in how to manage day care logistics, how to breathe and manage the “overwhelm,” and perhaps most importantly, the knowledge that there are many women out there going through the same emotional and career related challenges that I am facing, and that we can build a community of support through courses like this!
Carolyn D

Associate Veterinarian and first time mother to 5-month old son

Ready for a calm, successful, well-planned maternity leave?

Praise for the Mindful Return E-Course from women who took the course while pregnant:

I took the Mindful Return course as I entered my third trimester with my first child. I’m a young professional who has been quickly moving up the ranks, so of course part of me was terrified at how I’d handle starting my family without losing my drive in my career. This course helped me feel empowered and helped me think through how to tackle motherhood, maternity leave, and even my post-baby career with the same energy and ambition I’ve always relied upon. For my type-A personality, feeling like there were things I could do to prepare and feel more centered, as well as learning strategies on how to cope with overwhelm and nerves, were tremendously helpful during pregnancy. I’m nearly to the finish line now, but this course put everything into a calm and exhilarating perspective that make me much less anxious about the transition to motherhood and, eventually, my transition back to work. Thank you, Mindful Return and Lori!
Jewelyn Cosgrove

mama-to-be and federal lobbyist in Washington, DC

I took the course pre-maternity leave as offered through my company’s working mother resource group, and refreshed on the course right before I returned to work. It helped me immensely to think through the sources of concern and anxiety with returning to my role…both the dread at leaving my baby; my concerns about being as effective of an employee and leader as I was pre-baby; and the uncertainty of how I would feel about my career and work life after my little miracle arrived. Lori’s course, as well as her continuously supportive coaching through posts, comments and companion blog posts, helped me address these questions upfront and I feel more relaxed, confident and self-assured as I head back to work. I would recommend the course to ANY new mama (or second time mama!)

mother of five-month-old boy and DC-area communications executive

When taking this course, I was in the midst of my third trimester and anticipating returning back to work four months after my delivery. Being that I am a first time mom and also dedicated to my career, I found myself confused and unbalanced on what I wanted for myself and my career versus what I wanted for my child and my home life. Could I still pursue and build on my career? How could I do that and not neglect my family? How do I maintain a good relationship with my current employer prior to leaving and when on maternity leave? How do I balance it all while learning how to be a mother? I was overwhelmed. In this course, I learned how to recognize my emotions and see that I am amongst other first, second, or third time moms encountering the same emotions and concerns as I had. I learned what to expect, or not to expect, with having a child and how to make my life flexible for them and my employer. I learned how to view my maternity leave as an opportunity to learn new skills as a new mother and apply them to my job. Overall, I realized that being a good mother and building my career are synonymous. I gained confidence in myself while gaining a new supportive community within the course cohort. For me, as a first time mom in her third trimester planning out her maternity leave and return, the course was a great tool and helped ease some of my fears and insecurities of motherhood, as well as change my perspective on how it would affect my career.

Ready for a calm, successful, well-planned maternity leave?

Praise for the Mindful Return E-Course from women returning to work after a second child:

I took this e-course on the run up to my return to work with my second child. I had previously signed up to Lori’s Saturday blogs and had invited her to speak about Mindful Return to a parent group at my office. I hadn’t taken the course returning with my first (as I didn’t know about it then!) and always regretted it. I felt going back to work with two was going to be even more stressful and wanted to use this course to reflect and put a better strategy in place to help the return go smoothly. The course did just that. As an outcome of taking the course I have put a robust ‘return to work’ plan in place, have had time to think about what I want returning to work to look like for me and I now feel confident about going back. This will all help me both personally and professionally, ensuring a mindful return to work. Thanks to Lori for this course, her blog and being a wonderful advocate for working mommas, everywhere.

Ruth KW

Mom to a 3-month old and a 22-month old, and an Environmental Engineer

I found the Mindful Return concepts to be extremely helpful, even though I had already been through a maternity leave and transitioning back to work two years earlier. I love that the course provides tips and tricks for how to get through each day as a working mom, but also challenges you to think about how to utilize your leave and return to grow your career. And the community that is built along the way reminds each of us that we are all in this together.
Kelly S.

HR Manager at an engineering consulting firm and mom of 2

“I recently took the Mindful Return e-course for the second time, as I was preparing to return to work after my second baby. One would think it was easier the second time – not necessarily! I got a lot out of this course the second time, because I understood the challenges of my first return, I knew what I needed help with, and I was able to focus where I needed to learn, and contribute where I felt I had something great to offer. This is an invaluable course because mamas know best the information and resources other mamas need. The two best parts for me are: 1) Looking at the professional credentials and life experiences of the other participants, I know that I am tapping a strong, accomplished network and I feel empowered, “raised-up” if you will, by being a part of the community. 2) I know I am not alone. There are times when I look around my local community and I don’t see strong role models as I navigate this part of my life and my family’s evolution. What a relief to interact with mothers who are doing “it” at the same time, and learn tips to make my life easier.

As a result of this course, I have been able to better navigate the pumping doldrums, get my kids out the door more calmly on the days when I’m exasperated, explain my boundaries to my employer, and negotiate for a win-win working scenario. I also know better the difference between when I can push the envelope and when I need to take my foot off the pedal. I’ve learned it’s okay to let my work or my family take a back seat while I take care of my self mentally, emotionally and physically. I look around at the other women in my office and hope I am being a great role model for them. Best of all, I feel happier knowing I have a network behind me if I need it. I am not alone. Thank you thank you thank you for creating this course!

Working (Business Development Director) Mother

3.5 year old and 3 month old, Boston, Massachusetts

Lori’s Mindful Return course was very useful for me. I found it very informative and encouraging even though I have already gone through one maternity leave before. I wish I had gone through her course before my first maternity leave. She is very open about the motherhood challenges and creative with her solutions of returning back to work. Particularly, I related to her statement about the first few months being a bottle washer! I now know I have company and that makes me feel better! I would recommend this course to all mamas, including new would be and new mothers.

mother of a 4-year old, and expecting a second baby

As an associate at a mid-size law firm and mother of two, I started to get anxious about my upcoming return to work after my second baby was born. With still a couple months of maternity leave left, I decided to take Lori’s Mindful Return course and what a great decision that was! The course was packed with insightful posts from Lori and guests, timely questions and prompts, useful suggestions and tips on how to prepare for and handle the return. Most unique of all was the forum the course provided for working mammas like myself to share with and support each other in a personal way. It was reassuring to realize that we are going through similar issues and encouraging to have the support of the other mammas in this Mindful Return community and course! I loved the focus on being proactive and positive throughout! So grateful for this course.

8th year law firm associate and mamma of two wonderful boys, 3 years and 3 months old

I’m on my second return to work after having a baby last fall (and my second time through Mindful Return), and even with the experience under my belt, having Mindful return felt essential.  I took the course for two main reasons: (1) to have refresher on the strategies I might need to navigate this return, and (2) to connect with a community of mamas who are sharing this experience NOW.  Every day of the course, I felt inspired, supported, and energized by the virtual circle of mamas and it made my transition back to work as good as I could hope for.  Since I work remotely from home, it was especially important to have these connections.
Arielle M.

Health Policy Advisor to a start-up and Mama to 3 year old and 4 month old boys

Mindful Return’s e-course was exactly what I needed to help me feel confident and prepared for a return to work after my second maternity leave. I felt I was able to navigate my first return pretty well, but was beginning to feel overwhelmed about returning to work with two little ones and looked for an opportunity to work through some of my challenges. I was so impressed by the thoughtful lessons that covered some of the obvious concerns and some of the not-so-obvious new opportunities for working moms and by how the course was able to create a community of participants and foster meaningful conversations without requiring a significant amount of time on my part! The support I felt from my fellow classmates and Lori while taking the course was so valuable, and I will be returning to these lessons again and again as I navigate my “new” life. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to any working mother!
Julie W.

soon-to-be second-time mom and biomedical research administrator

This course was a great way to reset my expectations around returning to work after the birth of my second child. It forced me to set aside time to think about myself, my family and my career. I was able to pick up some helpful tips from both the course and fellow participants to ease the transition.

Finance Manager and mom to two

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