Want to See Your Best Employees Come Back and Thrive After Taking Parental Leave? We’ve Got the Answer.


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Perhaps nothing is as life-changing as having a child. Perspectives on life change the minute a mom or dad is nose-to-nose with a new baby. Suddenly, priorities shift to keeping the baby healthy and happy.

As an employer, it’s natural to worry about what that priority shift looks like for your business. Will your best employees return after parental leave? What will that transition back into the swing of things at the office look like for you, your team, and the new parents?  Will they stay and thrive as leaders at your organization?

For employers like you, providing the Mindful Return program to your new mom and dad colleagues improves your chances of retaining your best employees.  85% of Mindful Return participants return to and stay with their employers – versus 64% nationally.

There’s one thing you can do to make this transformative time easier for everyone.

Presenting: Mindful Return

Mindful Return is a one-of-a-kind e-course and community dedicated to helping new parents have a successful transition back to work after taking parental leave – no matter where in the globe they live.

Leading Edge Companies Using Mindful Return


We partner with 109 progressive companies that offer Mindful Return as a leave benefit, to develop and retain their new parent top talent. Some of these companies are:

Supporting the Working Parent

You might feel good about the policies you have in place. You might have even bent over backwards to make the office more conducive to new parents. Perhaps you’ve offered private facilities for new moms to pump, flexible work options to allow new parents to spend more time with their babies, and backup care options for new families.

All of these are beneficial, but there’s one thing missing – the support for wellness and overall satisfaction as your employees transition into life as “working parents.”

See these baby milestones?  They all happen within the first four-to-six months of a child’s life. Parents are often already back in the office during these important milestones, which can be emotionally challenging for many new moms and dads.

The life of a working parent is wrought with sleepless nights, worries about baby’s health and development, and physical recovery for new moms.

Then, that parent is expected to show up at work and be fully present in the office. It’s not easy, which is why so many new parents leave their current position to find more flexible work options that give them more time with the new baby.

“We have a dedicated focus on retaining our women, which includes supporting them on their journey through pregnancy, maternity leave and being a working mom. In Mindful Return, our women learn tips and tricks for tackling the logistical challenges associated with maternity leave and being a working mom, and they are taught to view their leave as a leadership opportunity. The community they build with the other women in the course is also very beneficial. Our women are very appreciative that we encourage their participation in the course and pay for it.”

~ Kelly Sizemore, HR Manager, Kimley-Horn

About Mindful Return

By now, you know that Mindful Return is an e-course, now tailored to the hybrid work environment, that is dedicated to encouraging employees to return to work seamlessly after parental leave. Here’s what’s covered:

For Moms


Week 1 – A Mindful Mindset for Return

  • How to Return to Work With Confidence
  • Working with a Mindset of Gratitude
  • Adopting a New Perspective
  • Coping with Overwhelm & Anxiety
  • Baby Steps Toward Self-Care


Week 2 – All Those Logistics…

  • Building Good Relationships with Your Child Care Provider
  • Understanding Work Flexibility
  • Sick Days, Snow Days, and the Land of the Unexpected
  • Nourishing Your Baby – Pumping and Not Pumping
  • Putting Food on the Table


Week 3 – Turning Leave into Leadership

  • Can Leave Lead to Leadership?
  • Grow Your Team
  • Focus on Your New Skills
  • Set an Example


Week 4 – Building Your Community


  • Avoiding Isolation
  • Creating and Living in Community
  • Build Your Community: In-Person and Online Options
  • Partners and Parents and In-Laws, Oh My!
  • Sharing Good News

For Dads


Week 1 – Structuring Your Paternity Leave

  • Structuring Your Paternity Leave
  • Returning to Work With Confidence
  • Owning Your Leave
  • Overcoming Your Fears


Week 2 – Adjusting to Working Fatherhood

  • Adjusting to Working Fatherhood
  • Bolstering Business Relationships
  • Overcoming Guilt at Home and at Work
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Gaining Perspective


Week 3 – Handling the Logistics and Creating a Community

  • Coping with Overwhelm
  • Handling Anxiety
  • Building Good Relationships with Your Child Care Provider
  • Growing Your Team
  • Handling the Unexpected Snow Days and Sick Days


Week 4 – Getting Back into the Flow of Work, and Turning Working Fatherhood Into Leadership


  • Getting Back Into the Flow of Work
  • Using Fatherhood as a Leadership Tool
  • Focusing on Your New Skills
  • Setting an Example
  • Improving Your Mindset
  • Capitalizing on Your New Role

Peer Support: Each participant in the course also gets access to a community of other new parents who are in the same stage of life. This important feature lets parents get ideas for handling common challenges as they arise, as well as believing (with real evidence!) that it is possible to return to work successfully after taking maternity or paternity leave.

Want to see Mindful Return in action?

This course gave me the power to come back to work ready to go. I didn’t cry walking into work this time. I didn’t have to make phone calls to people while in my office to tell me that I could do this. This course helped me get ready to come back to work – ready for the challenges and excited about what I had to offer.”

Ready to Ease the Transition Out of Parental Leave for Your Team?

We’re here to help you keep your best employees, by offering a smoother transition out of parental leave and into new working parenthood. By taking Mindful Return before returning to work following maternity or paternity leave, your team members will discover a new  rhythm as a working parent faster and easier than learning-on-the-go. Here’s how it works for you, the employer.

Step 1: Sign Up Your Employees

The first step toward helping your employees return to the workplace with confidence after parental leave is to give them access to Mindful Return. This is a go-at-your-own-pace, 4 week e-course designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of new parents. All you have to do, as the employer, is give them access. A new session of the course starts every other month.

*Want feedback from an employee before you buy for your office? Sign up your first employee free!

Step 2: Invite Your Employees to Go Through Mindful Return While on Parental Leave (or Shortly After Becoming a Working Parent)

Encouraging your employee to go through Mindful Return’s course while on parental leave shows her or him that you’re dedicated to easing the transition back into the office.

Offer this before maternity or paternity leave begins, to increase the chances of retaining your best talent.

Step 3: Welcome Your Employees Back Into the Office, Knowing They’re Being Supported by a Community of Other Working Parents

One of the most enjoyed features of Mindful Return is that it’s cohort-based. Your employees will have a unique opportunity to connect with their working parent peers. When it’s time to welcome your employees back to work after maternity or paternity leave, you can do so with more confidence, knowing that they’re getting support from others on the same journey.

“This course enabled me to think about developing a solid plan for returning to work – what details I needed to think about at home, how I needed to structure my work, and what I needed to ‘let go of’ to ensure that my firm gets its best from me. Returning to work after leave is stressful, but Mindful Return gave me ideas, strategies, and a plan for returning to work as an even better employee.

More Ways to Smooth the Transition for New Working Parents

Buy the Book

Lori Mihalich-Levin wrote the book (literally) on how to ease into a new role as a working mom. This book makes an excellent baby shower gift (or a welcome-back-to-the-office gift). Give it to the new working mothers in your office to show your support during this pivotal life event.

Hire Lori to Speak


How will your office react to having a new working parent on the team? What can you do as an employer to make this transition as easy as possible and improve your chances of retaining the working parents in your company? Lori Mihalich-Levin regularly speaks at progressive companies answering these exact questions.

“I told my HR partner that I felt WAY more prepared to re-enter because of what I was learning and that I thought it was our company’s responsibility to offer every educational opportunity to help returning mamas succeed at re-entry.”

Sign Up Your Team and Retain Your Top Talent

Employers of all sizes, in a variety of industries, now offer Mindful Return to their employees as a benefit and a way to retain their best talent. Ready to cut your new parent employee attrition rate by half? Sign up your team member today and get a free demo of this powerful course!

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Our Gift To You

At Mindful Return, we know that calm, thoughtful planning, and time for reflection, are keys to success in working parent life. Our FREE guide, 99 Questions to Ask Yourself Before, During, and After Maternity Leave, is our gift to you and your new bundle of joy.

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