Employers: Offer Mindful Return as a Parental Leave Benefit

Help Retain Your Top Talent & Gain Recognition as a Company on the Leading Edge of Helping New Parents

As featured in the Washington Post: “Transitioning back to work after a new baby? Now there’s a class just for that.

“This course is the best investment you can make to ensure a smooth return to work for a woman who has been on maternity leave.” Mom from October 2015 Mindful Return E-Course

Employers: Offer the Mindful Return Courses as a Parental Leave Benefit

The Mindful Return courses are a cohort-based programs.  They connect new parents from all industries, to help them feel calm and confident in their transition back to work after parental leave.

Employers in a variety of industries offer the Mindful Return e-courses as both maternity leave and paternity leave benefits.  (For example, read about Lori’s work with law firms in this Law 360 Article.)

This 4-week online course focuses on mindset, logistics, leadership, and building community.

See below for pricing and program information.

To demo the course for free for one of two of your employees, contact Lori at lori@mindfulreturn.com

Mindful Return, LLC works with employers – including Fortune 500, AmLaw 100, and VC-backed startups – that want to retain top talent and help their new-mother employees navigate their maternity leave and return.


The Mindful Return E-Course helps your employees plan their return to work, ease their concerns and fears about the transition, and empowers them to make calm, thoughtful choices about their careers.

Mindful Return E-Course Price per Participant: $99.00, through Feb. 28, 2018.

Beginning March 1, 2018, the rate will increase to $129.00/person.

Note: Registrations purchased by an employer do not expire and may be used for any course session.

If you are an employer considering offering this course as a maternity leave benefit please contact Lori Mihalich-Levin at lori@mindfulreturn.com with any questions.

What Mindful Return course alumnae want to tell employers about the course:

“This course is the best investment you can make to ensure a smooth return to work for a woman who has been on maternity leave.”

“Maternity leave is an overwhelming process for both employees and employers … ultimately the better you can help your employee plan and prepare for leave, the easier the transition will be and the more thought that can go into planning for her absence and return as a healthy worker.”

“This will make your employees more likely to return to work after leave!”

“This course enabled me to think about developing a solid plan for returning to work – what details I needed to think about at home, how I needed to structure my work, and what I needed to ‘let go of’ to ensure that my firm gets its best from me. Returning to work after leave is stressful, but Mindful Return gave me ideas, strategies, and a plan for returning to work as an even better employee.”

“This course gave me the power to come back to work ready to go. I didn’t cry walking into work this time. I didn’t have to make phone calls to people while in my office to tell me that I could do this. This course helped me get ready to come back to work – ready for the challenges and excited about what I had to offer.”

“The course is extremely useful and provides a good forum for support, tips, ideas, and suggestions on making the return to work as seamless and fruitful as possible.”

“I told my HR partner that I felt WAY more prepared to re-enter because of what I was learning and that I thought it was our company’s responsibility to offer every educational opportunity to help returning mamas succeed at re-entry.”

“The course promotes a smooth, well-planned transition back to work, and increases retention of valued employees.”

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