Take Charge of Your Maternity Leave and Your Personal Brand at Work

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Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! As you prepare to go out on maternity leave, you’ll want to tell your employer “I’ve got this.”

There is no better way to reassure your manager that you are a committed employee than by preparing a helpful memo outlining your transition plan.

The Mindful Return Maternity Leave Template is an editable Word document you can use to successfully communicate with your manager.

This document includes language you can use to discuss your plans regarding:

  1. Work Progress and Coverage
  2. Planned Weeks of Leave
  3. Accessibility during Leave
  4. Return to Work

This document is the core of what Mindful Return alum and fellow working mama, Jewelyn Cosgrove, used in her own organization. She received an incredibly positive response to this document from managers and HR within her organization. Here is Jewelyn’s experience, in her own words:

Using this written plan worked to ease both my own anxieties and those of my employer. For me, it gave me a chance to proactively plan my work projects around my leave. Planning ahead gave me the peace of mind that I’d adequately prepared for being out of the office for an extended period of time and wouldn’t feel like I’d left my colleagues in a lurch.

For my employer, it spelled out my commitment to my work and gave them actionable information on how to manage my workload in my absence. The plan also gave both parties a set of expectations for the other, and left us with a complete understanding of how each would approach this major change in my life. This isn’t just something a Type-A worker needs – this is something every parent who takes extended time away from the office to care for their child needs to do with their employer to say “you’ve got this!”

Jewelyn Cosgrove

Purchase the template below (cost is $49), and turn your maternity leave into a leadership opportunity at work.

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