meditationsIf you’ve been following along on this blog for a while, you know that meditations on the free meditation app, Insight Timer, have been some of my most trusted and steady companions on my working parent journey.  I’ve written here about why I love the Insight Timer app so much.  And last fall, I announced my own Insight Timer debut as a teacher on their platform.

Shortly after releasing a few meditations, a new mama reached out to me with the following question:

Love your Insight Timer channel! Would you consider recording a couple of “meditations for pumping”?  I would love a short one to get into the right mindset for pumping in the middle of the work day.  And maybe a full-pumping-session one for those days when pumping might be the only “me” time / opportunity to relax and do some self-massage and deep breathing?  I’ve done some of the other meditations while pumping, but haven’t quite found anything that fits yet.  Thanks for considering this idea! 

Remembering how stressful pumping can be, and wanted to support this mama, I created two meditations, both set to music, to meet her requests.  Just last week, I uploaded these recordings to Insight Timer, and you can access them here:

These meditations on Insight Timer are free, and you don’t have to join the app to listen to the recordings.  If you do download the Insight Timer app, though, you can “follow” me as a teacher there to be notified of new recordings I publish.  You can also rate and review the meditations there, which would help other parents find them!

Other Meditations for Working Parents

I’m acutely aware that pumping sessions aren’t the only stressful times during a working parent’s day.  I also know that remembering to pause and breathe for even just a few moments during the day can calm our nervous systems and dramatically reduce our working parent stress levels.

You can literally type any subject that comes to mind into the Insight Timer search field (for example, “morning” or “anxiety” or “sleep”) and come up with a list of many meditations and talks to listen to.  You can then even sort them by length, most played, highest rate, newest, etc.!

Here are three I recorded that you can also find on the Insight Timer app:

Are there other topics you’d like to see meditations on and talks about?  Please drop them in comments, and I will add them to my meditation-making queue.  As you can see from the pumping meditations that are now live, I do take our community’s requests seriously!


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