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Mindful Return is here to help guide you through your pregnancy, maternity leave, and return-to-work journey.  Through the blog and e-course, you’ll find resources that will help you feel more informed, prepared, and calm at every stage.  Ready to learn more?

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How to Fit It All In as a Working Mama

I hear a lot from working mamas about how packed their days are. You *can* fit it all in as a working mom (here’s how), but not on the same day, the same month, or sometimes even the same year.

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The Birth of the Post-Partum Body

Wonderful advice from Dr. Dana Satir on our post-baby bodies: “I suggest you think of birthing a new body instead of trying to undo the one you have now.”

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High-Five Another Working Parent Today, Please

How often does someone say to you, “wow, you’re doing an amazing job raising those kiddos!”? Not often enough, I’m sure. Today, let’s high-five a fellow working parent. (And watch my favorite working parent recognition video of all time.)

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