It’s always nice when someone recognizes your efforts at work, isn’t it?  If I pour my heart into a project and never even get acknowledgement from a client that they received the work, it sometimes makes me wonder what all the effort was for.

No, I don’t need a pat on the back for every job well-done.  And yet, a small amount of recognition, whether by a supervisor, colleague, or client, goes a long way.  There’s evidence out there that positive work cultures increase productivity and that employees value workplace wellbeing over material benefits (check out this Harvard Business Review article).

This is all well and good at work, but how about in parenthood?  Or working parenthood?  How often does someone say to you, “wow, you are doing an amazing job raising those kiddos!”  Not often enough, I am fairly certain.

I recently saw two wonderful examples of people going out of their way to acknowledge parental efforts.  And I just had to share.  May these examples inspire us to spread the encouragement far and wide for our fellow working parents out there.

Social Media Shout-Out to Parents of Twins at Airport

Just this week, I was delighted to see that a dad’s photo and public shout-out to parents of toddler twins at an airport had gone viral.  Here’s what the dad, Clint Edwards, had to say about the parents he saw at the Spokane airport:

“I’m at the Spokane airport waiting for a flight to Portland. I was speaking at a conference. This is one of the few times I’ve traveled without kids in the past few years, and so I’m taking it in.  But I can’t help but notice this couple.  I’ve watched them for awhile. I hope they don’t mind me posting this, but these two deserve to be noticed because they are parenting champs.”

What a fantastic gesture.  And awesome that his post actually made it back to the parents he photographed!

If You Only Watch ONE Video as a Working Parent, Watch THIS

The second example came out a few months ago, but I feel VERY strongly that every working mom out there should watch this video.  (In part, I’m posting it here so I can always find it!)  First, grab a box of tissues.  And then roll this 3-minute, amazingly powerful clip.  I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you.


See?  Are you teary eyed?  What an amazingly thoughtful way to recognize this mama’s efforts.

My Mindful Return Working Mama Challenge

You are rocking it, working mama.  I promise.  Yes, you are enough, and you deserve to know that about yourself, both at work and at home.

Let’s spread the love this week.  Here’s my challenge for you: think of a working mama in your life, and tell her what an awesome job she’s doing.  High-five her for all her efforts.  You have no idea how much it will make her day.  Feel free to tag and celebrate her in comments below, too!

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