summerSome of my favorite summer memories are from the car port of my grandma’s house in Central Pennsylvania.  I’d get dropped off there for the day and would spend entire mornings curled up in the shade on an old school foldable orange outdoor chaise lounge with a *big* stack of library books by my side.  I devoured Harriet the Spy, the entire Agatha Christie series, and any biography or Judy Bloom book I could get my hands on at the local public library.

Though my current life stage doesn’t allow for as much luxurious reading as in my childhood (you just wait, retirement – I’m coming for you with a book list a million miles long!!), books still bring me so much joy.  For many years, on the Mindful Return blog, I’ve written summer reading lists (you can check out all of them here).  Even more fun than reading books about working parenthood, though, has been interviewing the authors of these amazing reads.

Last month, I just wrapped up my 3rd season of interviews with some incredible authors.  I know all of you weren’t able to tune in live, but I’m delighted to report that we recorded all of these conversations for future listening.  Today, I’m sharing links to access all of these Season 3 conversations.  Happy summer listening!


Final hot tip: I just learned on our most recent Mindful Return alumni monthly call that (1) Barnes & Noble has a summer reading program that allows kids to earn free books; and (2) Nothing Bundt Cakes has a year-long reading program that allows kids to earn free cake!  (My boys were VERY excited to learn about the cake-earning opportunity.  Just call your local store to find out if they’re participating.)

Happy summer reading, and happy summer listening!!


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