storiesWhether you’re looking for new opportunities in your current work role, or you’re searching for a new job, how you tell your story really matters.  You want more opportunities to come your way, right?  Then you need to be able to talk about your successes and talents in a way that makes others want to direct those opportunities to you.

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Nikki Adamson back to the Mindful Return blog to help us get this career storytelling thing on a better track!  Nikki, CEO of a recruiting company called Hustle Hunters, joined us a while back to share her wisdom on Rebranding After Parenthood.  And today, she’s here to help us think about revamping our messaging in 2024.


Are the stories we’re telling about our career serving us in the Spring of 2024 (and beyond)? In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, how we articulate our career experiences can make all the difference. It’s not just about listing tasks or responsibilities. It’s about narrating a compelling story that captures the impact we’ve made. Here’s why revamping our messaging is crucial, and how a simple shift in our storytelling approach can open doors to new opportunities.

The Stakes Are High

If we’re not proactively shaping the narrative of our career journey, it can’t serve us.  And we’re holding our friends and colleagues back from effectively support us, too. In my work with hiring teams, I see all the time how outdated LinkedIn profile headlines can hold people back from potential opportunities. Whether you’re vying for an internal promotion or exploring new roles externally, your story should resonate, reflect growth, and showcase your value proposition.


From Stories of Tactics to Stories of Impact: A Paradigm Shift

One common pitfall professionals encounter is getting lost in the minutiae of tasks, often overshadowing the broader impact of their contributions. Nailing this shift is the single most effective tactic towards harnessing the power of our messaging.

Let’s consider an example to illustrate this point:

Old Story: “I sourced, worked with client teams, screened, curated, and managed candidate communications for client hiring processes.”

While this statement isn’t inherently flawed, it focuses primarily on tactics. It lacks the compelling narrative that speaks to the value the person delivered.

Now, let’s reframe this statement with a focus on impact:

Revamped Story: “I placed 12 new hires as the complete owner of the process on behalf of clients, encompassing sourcing, screening, curating, and managing client and candidate communication.”

This reframed statement not only highlights the breadth of the individual’s responsibilities, but it also underscores the tangible outcome—placing 12 new hires. By emphasizing the impact you’ve made, you’re providing context, showcasing your effectiveness, and making a stronger case for your capabilities.

I might be interested and want to talk to someone who can do the list of tasks.  But I’m excited and need to talk to the person who can make the hires on my list.

Not Just at Work: Networking in “Regular” Life

The stakes are high for anyone making hires right now. And we’re all eager to reduce the risk for these new teammates as much as possible. That often means hiring folks that we trust – either directly or by proxy. A sentence from a trusted person (even if they barely know us), is often enough to open doors. Every person we interact with could be a potential part of our story—if we equip them with the words!

Lori recently posed “is the playground the new golf course?” in an insightful Mindful Return blog post, and I’ll continue that conversation here.

Consider this: with my “mom” hat on during school drop-offs or pick-ups, where casual chats about the weather (ok… or my tardiness) are the norm, I’ve been astounded to discover (often months after “knowing” them) that many fellow parents are relevant contacts for my work.

Networking transcends traditional settings like formal events or happy hours and becomes more genuine and organic when integrated into our daily lives. Those seemingly inconsequential interactions at the grocery store, gym, or school events could be the gateway to unforeseen opportunities. The key is to be authentic, engage genuinely, and be ready to confidently share the right story when the moment presents itself.


In essence, revamping messaging about careers isn’t merely about embellishing roles or inflating accomplishments. It’s about articulating your professional journey in a way that resonates, showcases your value, and distinguishes you from the competition. By shifting the narrative from tactics to impact and recognizing the networking opportunities present in our everyday lives, you’re not only telling a more compelling story but also positioning yourself for success in an increasingly competitive landscape. So, as you reflect on your career milestones and achievements, remember: the story you tell matters. And it’s time to tell it right.

To go deeper here with us on this, we’ve made sure that the Mindful Return community has access to any Hustle Hunters messaging revamp solution (1:1 coaching AND async video library) at a discounted price (use code MINDFULRETURN).

storiesNikki Adamson, Founder + CEO @ Hustle Hunters, Mama to Izzy.  I’m Nikki (she/her) and I’m an entrepreneur, recruiter, competitor, equity advocate and mom. I currently run Hustle Hunters, a recruiting firm that has helped over 15 startups hire early team members with an equity-centered approach to building the right hiring foundation and building trust within historically excluded candidate communities.



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