“To retreat.”  Verb.  “To withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat.”


The enemy forces in life these days are COVID-19.  Lack of childcare.  Burnout.  Sibling fights.  Job stresses.  Economic challenges.  Claustrophobia.  Injustice.  Racism.  Crushed plans.  Death.  Anxiety.  Fatigue.

Many days, I simply feel defeated.

If you, like I, are feeling a deep-seeded need to withdraw from these forces, even for a few hours, please join the vibrant Mindful Return community for four hours on July 17, 2020.

When, since March, have you taken 4 hours away from both work and family?  4 hours to connect with other working parents who get it on the deepest level possible?

Now is your chance.

Yes, you can negotiate with your partner for this time away from your kids.  (Hint: trade off a 4-hour period on another day.)  Yes, you can negotiate this time away from your job.  (Hint: one afternoon away from work won’t damage your reputation and will actually make you more productive.)

Your sanity depends on being able to press the reset button.

Working Parent Half-Day Retreat Details

I’ve led a number of full-day in-person retreats in the past.   But they’ve only been for Mindful Return alumni.  And they’ve only been in the DC area.  Given the widespread COVID-related parental pain (and the opportunities that come with using remote technology), this year’s retreat is open to all working parents.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a Mindful Return course in the past.  Doesn’t matter where you live.  If you’re a mom or a dad.  Or how old your kids are.

Date:  Friday, July 17, 2020

Time:  1-5pm Eastern

Medium: Zoom

Cost:  $50.00 US

How to Register:  Use this link or push the button below.

Agenda for Our Time Together:

1-1:30pm Opening Circle + Introductions
1:30-2pm Yoga, led by Mindful Return alum Arielle Mir (or relaxation)
2:00-2:10pm Break + Re-Group
2:10-3pm Let’s Talk Work: Structure, Motivation, & Boundaries
3-3:20pm Group Breakout Conversations re: Work + Careers
3:20-3:30pm Break + Re-Group
3:30-4pm Let’s Talk Kids: Play, Structure + Boundaries
4-4:30pm Group Breakout Conversations by Age of Child
4:30-5pm Closing Circle + Wrap-Up

Praise for Past Mindful Return Retreats

Creating space for parents to learn and connect is one of my true passions in life.  Don’t take my word about the power of a Mindful Return Retreat, though.  Here’s what working parents have said about them in the past:

“The retreat was an opportunity to press pause on my normally hectic life.  I feel restored spending a few hours on myself.”  – Ceridwen, attorney and working mom of a 21-month old boy

“Today was a great way to reset and connect with other people in my same stage of life.  It was a gift to my crazy brain.  – Amanda, civil engineer and mom to 3 year old boy and 1 year old girlretreat

“This day has been something to look forward to, and it was both restful and productive.  I felt in community and at home with other working moms.”  – Claire, federal program manager at FDIC and full-time working mom of 3 girls under the age of 5

“I was validated.  I was supported and was given and shared tips and tricks.  The day was super useful, like the Mindful Return online program.  The advantage here was the face-to-face interaction and ‘real time’ discussions.  Plus Zen nourishment!  I now feel empowered to put my career in the forefront instead of dejectedly thinking advancement was in the graveyard with #2 on the way!” – Molly, working mom of 2 ½ year old boy and pregnant with second boy

“This was a grounding, inspiring, and uplifting day. Lori held the space beautifully.  Leaving, my cup is fuller, and my boundaries are stronger.  You really need this day more than you know.” – Arielle, work, healthcare communications director and working mom of 6 and 3 year old boys

“It has been refreshing to spend a day learning, supporting, strategizing, and being supported by other vibrant working warrior mamas.”  – Mandy, partner at a law firm, and working mom of a 1-year old girl and a 3-year old boy

“This retreat was good for the soul and my mental health and well-being.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by other supportive working moms going through similar experiences and challenges.  I highly recommend it and am leaving feeling refreshed and renewed.” – Elise, director at an NGO and working mom of 20-month old boy

“The retreat was a welcome respite from the chaos of everyday mommy life.  It was a chance to focus just on me for the first time in years.  It was a real treat!”  – Kate, training and development consultant and working mom of 2 boys, ages 2 and 4

And After the Retreat?

Registering for the retreat signs you up directly for an online portal with all the other retreat participants.  You’ll be able to interact with them both before and after the retreat, and we’ll use the portal to share all the resources that were mentioned during our half-day together.

You’ll also get added to the private Mindful Return alumni communities on social media, so you can keep the connections going.  We’ll LinkIn with one another.  Connect on Facebook.  The works.

Hope you can join us for what promises to be a highlight of this COVID-19 summer.


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