I was in Burlington, VT, on work travel a while back and headed to the airport just in time to avoid a major winter storm.  IMG_0573As I wandered through the airport (past the yoga and meditation room – gotta love Vermont!), I discovered a fascinating pod-looking thing and had to take a look.  Much to my surprise and delight, it read: “Mamava: privacy for pumping or breastfeeding” on the outside.

It was empty, so I poked my head inside – to find a clean, bright, friendly-feeling space with 2 benches, a table, and some electrical plugs.  Amazing.  Refreshing.  And SO incredibly needed.

I took a few photos of the pod and just looked up Mamava – www.mamava.com –  and it looks like the company is off to an amazing start.  I love so many things about them: that the company was founded by two women, that they’re already in a bunch of states, that they offer customized pod designs, and that they’ve launched a “lactation friendly locator app” for iPhone and iPad.  SO awesome.  Wish I had access to these resources when I was pumping and traveling with babies.

How many of us have searched around frantically for somewhere to pump or feed our little ones?  And how many of us wound up going somewhere entirely inappropriate – dirty, noisy, without an electrical plug…or all of these things?  Huge kudos to Mamava for filling such an important need and working to normalize the motherhood experience.  Let’s do whatever we can to convince ALL the airports we travel through to buy some of these pods!


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