Mindful Return Webinar JPEG Faced with challenges unimaginable pre-baby, new mothers inevitably return to work a different person than when they went out on leave.  If you are an expectant or new mama – or if you are a supervisor who is managing a new parent in the workplace – check out the YouTube recording of the webinar I held today for Georgetown Alumni Career Services.

During this one-hour session, I teach practical and effective strategies for planning a return to work after maternity leave and offer insights and strategies for employers and managers to support their employees and direct reports successfully transition back to work.

More specifically, I focus on four areas that can have the most positive impact on new mothers’ transitions:

• Creating a mindful mindset for returning to work;
• Mapping out logistics, including child care, nourishing your baby, and dealing with sick days and the unexpected;
• Turning maternity leave into a leadership opportunity at work; and
• Building supportive communities to help with the transition.

Watch the YouTube recording of the webinar here.

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