I was recently approached by Liz Tenety and Jill Koziol about collaborating with them on their new, beautiful website – Motherly.  How fun that it’s www.mother.ly without the .com?  Liz, a journalist and editor, formerly of the Washington Post, and Jill, an entrepreneur and inventor of this cool product (that turns any swing into a baby swing!) are creative mamas whom I found to be inspiring and completely on fire about their new endeavor.

They’ve got intriguing online content for new parents, and they just asked me to kick off a series for Motherly along the lines of “What so-and-so wants you to know…”  Check out my piece, “What the Woman Out on Maternity Leave Wants Everyone Back at the Office to Know” to get inside the brain of your colleague who happens to be out on maternity leave right now.

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