I have deep gratitude today for Valerie Young, blogger and national advocate for family-friendly policies at Mom-mentum.  She blogs as Your (Wo)Man in Washington and was kind enough to feature the Mindful Return e-course in her most recent post.Your (Wo)Man in Washington

Her observations about returning-to-work challenges are spot on:

“As a society, we don’t honor the transition to parenthood with the time and financial security a paid leave would offer moms and dads. We pretend every household has a 24/7 full-time caregiver, which hasn’t been true for many years, and at a time when the economy dictates most parents work.

We expect women to transform themselves into mothers alone, at home, without a sisterhood of support, or worse, see them go back to work way too soon because they can’t afford not to.  Whether you’re headed to your cubicle, a corner office, or the next shift, working after baby is never easy.  Emotionally, physically, and logistically the only constant is change and challenge.  Rather than suffer and struggle, its makes so much sense for us to nurture each other, from wherever we are and with whatever we have.”  (Read more of the post here.)

I love Valerie’s blog and her perspectives on working moms.  To read more of her posts and follow her, go here.

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