I hear a lot from working mamas about how packed their days are.  Every minute is accounted for, it seems.  And in the early days of working parenthood, I felt this lack of margin acutely, too.

“How do I fit it all in?  You know, all those things I should be (and want to be!) doing, like exercise, seeing friends, professional development?” we ask ourselves.  “All that stuff I had time for before baby that seems to have fallen off the edge of my bandwidth? ”

My answer?  We can “fit it all in” as working mamas…but not all on the same day.  Or even the same month.  Or sometimes even the same year.

Trust me, new mamas, that things get easier over time, as our babies gain more independence.  (I can’t believe mine can both dress themselves in the morning now…it’s glorious!)  But for now, you’re in a really, really tough (though beautiful) season of life.  I hear you.  And I do have some tips:

3 Key Strategies for “Fitting it All In”

I know I just loaded you up with a ton of resources here, but this is a big question.  Take your time, and go through these posts one-by-one.  And trust, deep down, that you already have it “all”.  Whatever “all” is.

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