fatherhoodIn honor of Father’s Day in the US being celebrated tomorrow, I wanted to compile a list of my favorite resources related to fatherhood.  Over the past decade, I have been delighted to see an increase in dialog, academic research, and supportive communities that center the fatherhood experience.

While I’ve heard the argument that “men get all the airtime anyway,” so why bring them into the parenthood space, I’m not in that camp.  To the contrary, I don’t believe we’ll ever reach our gender equality goals unless and until we normalize caregiving for everyone – regardless of gender.  Engaged fatherhood, and dads’ active participation in their families’ lives, is something I’m celebrating tomorrow and always.

The resources below are just a few of the many that are out there in the world.  I’ve come across these in my working parent travels, and they have all made an impression on me.

Upcoming Fatherhood Webinars

Mindful Return is proud to be a program sponsor of this year’s Father’s Friday events.  Father’s Friday is a collaboration of fatherhood organizations and individuals who see fathers as change agents.  This year, Father’s Friday is hosting 14 panel conversations from June to September, focusing on a range of topics from dad’s mental health to actions and strategies dads can undertake to improve the world for their children.  The panels will go live on Fridays at 12pm Eastern via the Father’s Friday YouTube channel.  Learn more and sign up here!


Books on Fatherhood

I’ve read each of these and strongly recommend them all:

Mindful Return Blog Posts

Other Groups and Resources

What other resources would you add to the list?  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads celebrating tomorrow!





Back to Work After Baby

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