Suppose, for a moment, you’re toying with the idea of job-searching.  For whatever reason (lack of career opportunities, boredom, lackluster boss, lack of flexibility) it’s time to move on.

Now that you’re thinking of having a Fairygodboss Logofamily, are pregnant, or are a new mama, your priorities have changed, right?  You are interested in things you probably never cared much about before.  You probably want to know about the maternity benefits and family friendliness of the organization before you make your decision. But where to get that not-so-transparent info?

Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to Georgene Huang, co-founder of Fairygodboss, an awesome website that helps you get the real scoop on employers’ mama-friendliness.  (Even if you’re not a job-seeker, check out their website and consider sharing your perspective on your own employer’s family friendliness by taking this anonymous survey.)

Here is Georgene on Fairygodboss:

If you’re reading this, congratulations!  Taking in the great advice on Mindful Return means you’re way ahead of the game.  Compared to many other new moms, you’re actively trying to prepare yourself with useful information and surround yourself with supportive, like-minded women.  You’re a pro-active mama or mama-to-be, and I was just like you when I started

Fairygodboss is a website of free, anonymous employer reviews by women, for women.  We crowdsource information about maternity leave benefits, company culture, pay, and working hours by company and department/title.  I started Fairygodboss when I was pregnant with my second baby and looking for a new job.  You can imagine that I had a lot of questions: What is the company’s maternity leave policy?  Does this company treat working moms fairly?  Is there a culture of “face time” and what flexible working options will there be?  When I discovered it was really hard to find this critical information, I dropped my job search and focused on trying to change that.

At Fairygodboss, we aspire to help women and working moms get answers to their concerns and questions from other women and working moms.  We also try to create transparency so that companies understand how their female workforce feels — in the hopes that ultimately, it creates pressure to improve when it’s needed.  Women in our community share amazing insight about their companies’ policies and culture.  Here are just a few examples of things our members say:

Lots of women in individual contributor roles and senior leadership.  The company has a women’s network for its employees and customers.  I like this because you are exposed to people outside the company as well for networking.  I’ve never taken maternity leave, no opinion on that, but there’s lots of flexibility and working from home is encouraged so that helps working moms out a lot.  I love it here.  – Senior Manager, Cisco

Stray from the track to partnership for any period (maternity, sabbatical, etc.) will likely cost you your chances at partnership. Associate, Shearman & Sterling

They have pretty good programs for working moms such as on site lactation center, on site backup daycare, flex work arrangements, etc.  However people are very demanding and work gets quite stressful so often that you can’t really have work-life balance.  – VP, Goldman Sachs

Being pregnant and working here was difficult. Pumping at work was difficult.  Manufacturing, Garmin

If you’re returning to a company you know well and love, that’s great!  Please share your company’s supportive policies and culture so the world knows how fantastic your company is.  If, on the other hand, you’re returning to a place you may not stay for long, we hope to be a helpful resource as you consider your future options.  Life as a new mother can be unpredictable and is full of ups-and-downs, so we hope to be a resource throughout your career.

If you know any new moms who could benefit from our community’s wisdom (or you just want one of our nifty tote bags to carry around all that extra baby and pumping gear), share by clicking here!

When Georgene isn’t chasing after her two toddlers, she’s obsessed with what women think about the workplace, and what makes them stay or leave. If you have any opinions to share, drop her a line at She’d love to hear from you!

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