Bryan Levine is here to offer advice and support for parents balancing work with raising a special needs child.

Bryan is dad to an amazing eight-year old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He lives in New Jersey and works as a Senior Vice President in New York City in Compliance for a Japanese bank, having previously been a litigation associate at law firms in Washington, D.C. and New York.

Bryan’s focus on work-life balance came after his son was diagnosed with ASD at 26 months. Realizing the challenges his son would face – physically, socially and emotionally – Bryan put a plan into action to alter the balance between his work and home life, to become a more active, engaged parent and advocate for his son.

It wasn’t easy. While great strides have been made by some very forward thinking, creative and dedicated women to develop more acceptance of work-life balance for moms, attitudes towards work life balance for dads lagged behind in his field.

Unable to gain any traction, Bryan sought out companies and fields that would allow him the flexibility to better balance work and parenting, eventually joining Citigroup in 2017. Through Citigroup, Bryan is a member of the Family Matters Network, an affinity group of Citi employees working to improve work-life balance issues within the company through workshops, speaker series, events, and awareness of the needs of employees navigating work-life challenges, from becoming a new parent (through birth or adoption), to taking care of a sick or elderly relative.

Bryan received his JD from American University, Washington College of Law, after receiving his BA from Brown University. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys tennis, hiking, playing with his family’s dog, and watching soccer with his son.

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