Anya Smirnova, Co-Creator of Mindful Return UK Chapter

Anya Smirnova helps professional women to work, live and parent from a healthy and fulfilling place. Anya is a mum, former senior lawyer turned executive & health coach (hint: nothing like a bumpy personal experience inspires a career leap), flexible working veteran, blogger and founder of Modern Postnatal Recovery coaching programme for lawyer mums. (Check Anya’s diplomas & accolades and connect with her on LinkedIn here.)

Anya strongly believes that mothers make great leaders and efficiency gurus, that flexible working is instrumental to working parents’ work-life balance, and that women’s postnatal health matters for a successful return to work and having more women in leadership positions. She dreams of more employers investing in their female employees for a healthier, happier and more diverse workplace.

Anya is passionate about women’s postnatal health as a pillar of happy working motherhood and life itself. Here is what she says: “My first birth & recovery experience left me angry, confused and questioning my body. With my second child, I felt empowered during the birth and a super-woman afterwards. This difference changed the way I worked, loved, lived and parented.” Anya was one of ten speakers at the Governmental roundtable discussions on improving postnatal care in the UK, recommendations now included in the NHS Long-Term Plan 2019.

Her family is a mix of Russian, British, French, and Italian cultures. One day she may write a book on bringing up multicultural tri-lingual children. One insight to share is: British, French, Italian and Russian cultures seldom agree on anything about pregnancy and caring for a baby. Guess what – kids turn out just fine whatever the approach and kids thrive with parents who are happy, because such parents are more patient and emotionally present.  So taking care of yourself by joining the Mindful Return e-course is a great way to help your children thrive, too.

Anya lives in London, UK, with her wonderful husband and their two boys. She enjoys dinner time with her wee family, losing herself in a good book, long walks in nature, and playing the ukulele.


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