*Note: Since this post was published on March 17, 2018, additional employers have begun to offer Mindful Return as an employee benefit, and some have permitted me to recognize them publicly.  I have updated the list to include their names. 

Employers: do you know just how much influence you have on the well-being of your new parent employees?  A TON.  I promise you.

The employee who feels like her company believes in her for the long haul is committed and loyal.  The new parent whose manager has empathy for a night of little sleep breathes a sigh of relief.  The team member who is afforded even small amounts of flexibility commits to working harder.

Anxiety goes down.  Gratitude goes up.  And employees want to stay.

Employers are keenly aware of the war for talent these days, particularly with respect to the millennial generation.  This is a cohort that just so happens to be entering those early years of parenthood.  You’ve probably heard about the Netflix and Virgin Atlantics of the world that are offering extremely long (by US standards) paid parental leaves.  And the companies that are renting a Snoo for their employees to help everyone get better sleep.

At Mindful Return, we commend employers for thinking hard about ways to normalize working parenthood.  We applaud those companies that show their commitment to retaining star employees who just so happen to also care deeply about their role as parents.

Today, I am proud to be able to honor 18 leading-edge employers.  The employers in the list below are making a real difference in the lives of their new parent employees by offering them the Mindful Return program as a parental leave benefit.  These companies encourage their new parent employees to take our 4-week online program, both to give them the tools to navigate that transition to working parenthood and to gift them with a community of other new working parents.

Of the 40 employers that offer Mindful Return as a benefit, these 19 (in alphabetical order) permitted me to recognize them here:

Thank you, Employers listed here, for caring about the new parents in your office.  For equipping them with resources to help them through this big life transition.  And for committing to a world where parents feel valued as employees.  Mindful Return thanks you.  Our course alums thank you.  And society thanks you for not just paying lip service to change, but for doing something to help stop that leaky leadership pipeline.

In short, you rock.


To learn more about how an employer can offer the Mindful Return e-course as a benefit to new moms and dads, click here.  We’d love to give you a virtual tour of the course and let one of your employees demo it for free.

Why offer it?  As one employer says,

“We have a dedicated focus on retaining our women, which includes supporting them on their journey through pregnancy, maternity leave and being a working mom. In Mindful Return, our women learn tips and tricks for tackling the logistical challenges associated with maternity leave and being a working mom, and they are taught to view their leave as a leadership opportunity. The community they build with the other women in the course is also very beneficial. Our women are very appreciative that we encourage their participation in the course and pay for it.”

~ Kelly Sizemore, HR Manager, Kimley-Horn

 If you needBack to Work After Baby more help getting your head in a better place to return to work after maternity leave, join us for the next session of Mindful Return.

Want more practical tips on working parenthood?  Check out my book, Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave.  




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